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The Log Home module is an extension to the 3D-CAD/CAM system and offers specific corner joints such as cross corners and dovetail connections. We offer customized corner joints on request.
3D-CAM allows you to edit any member of your project in any imaginable way. Moving timber parallel to a line and changing its dimensions is as simple as lengthening and shortening or trimming and connecting timber in various ways.
This module can be added to any ABBUND program. It allows you to construct 3-dimensional floors with exterior and interior walls. Unlimited user-defined floors can be created, all having their own type and position and acting independently within your project.
Warp CNC allows you to send your entire project to your joinery machine such as "Hundegger".
3D-CAD/CAM software for professional construction and manufacturing of roofs and entire buildings:
ranging from simple ridged roofs to complex roof structures as well as entire buildings.
A 3D solid modeller letting you draw and construct any object in three-dimensional space using our well-known and intuitive interface.
4inOne lets you split up complex roof structures into as many sub-roofs as you desire.
S&S ABBUND TF-module - Providing you with everything you need to plan and manufacture timber frame buildings efficiently. User-editable wall structures and building corners can be stored in a catalog for later use.
Recommendation for the computer configuration for optimal employment of the ABBUND software.
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