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German CAD vendors challenged by professionals
Sometimes the aftermath of an event is more insightful than the event itself – at least for insiders. The German organization “High-Tech Abbund” is a nationwide union of carpentry businesses supporting each other in order to work most efficiently. This organization recently invited six software companies as well as many professional users to Sindelfingen, Germany, for an expert opinion on the capability of their construction software.

The task was to construct a roof based on an octagonal floor plan (see picture below).

limited time given and ended up presenting partial results out of nowhere the S&S-team managed to present the entire project including alternative processing options. 15 minutes into the given time frame all necessary data had been computed and the Hundegger K2 was already running.

The so-demonstrated speediness of the S&S-construction software displays intuitive and straightforward handling, flexibility and permanent control of all construction steps and updating in real-time. Of course

At first this task seemed rather simple but at closer inspection several problems arose – as can be expected when pros sit together and plot.

Starting from scratch, the contestants had 20 minutes to show their solutions and possible alternatives in an understandable fashion, explain their approach as well as transfer all relevant CNC-data to a Hundegger K2 joinery machine. While some software companies tried to cover various shortcomings of their programs by mentioning the

it can be taken for granted that such a program possesses all the relevant features of a modern timber framing construction software. The S&S-presentation shows once again by what criteria a business should choose a system: Critical is how goals are accomplished.

We would like to express our warmest thanks to the presidency and the staff of the organization for a well thought-out and fair task as well as for the excellent planning of the entire event.

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